FlytGCS is a ready-to-use cloud-based solution, that lets you control & manage a fleet of drones over the Internet.

To get started with your FlytGCS, you need:

Follow the 5 easy steps below, to get started with FlytGCS:

STEP 1: Create a FlytBase account & Login to FlytGCS

FlytGCS requires a FlytBase account for logging in.

Login to the FlytGCS using your FlytBase account credentials.

If you do not have a FlytBase account, you can create one here.

STEP 2: Download FlytOS Mobile App (for Android) & Connect your DJI Drone to Cloud

Download FlytOS Mobile App from the Google Play Store here.
Follow the instructions in the FlytGCS tutorial to register & connect your DJI drone to cloud using the mobile app.


STEP 3: Add Drone to FlytGCS and Click on Start Trial

Select a drone from the list to add it to your FlytGCS account. You will be able to see live telemetry, connection status and other drone details on your screen.

Your drone should have GPS-Lock in order to view the live location on the map.

Click on Start Trial to get started with 28-day FlytGCS Pro Trial. You can learn more about the various plans for FlytGCS on our pricing page.

STEP 4: Start Video Feed from Mobile App

Click on the Map/Video icon on the FlytOS Mobile App to start video stream. Live video stream will now be available in FlytGCS.


STEP 5: You may now fly the drone and create & execute flight plans.

Use the navigation panel to give Takeoff/Land/RTH and navigation commands to the drone.

Cockpit View

You may create flight plans using the “Create Flight Plans” Tab.

Note: Set Geofence, Pre-flight Checklist and Fly Responsibly

For safety reasons, it is advisable to set a geofence and pre-flight checklist before you take a flight.

Make sure you have the required airspace regulatory permissions for flying the drone.

For any FlytGCS related queries, please visit FlytGCS forums or write to us at

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